About Me

Hello, I’m Kannan. I’m a Fullstack Ruby on Rails application developer in India. 9+ Years of experience with developing fast and reliable web applications using Ruby On Rails and also using ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, Node, HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive. Please checkout my work area.

I have completed My Bachelor Of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering at Vickram College of Engineering / Anna University Trichy @ 2011.

My hobbies is developing awesome Sass application, playing Guitar, problem solving, reading books, browsing and designing web pages. I like to play Football, Computer games, Chatting with friends, Traveling, Swimming, Photography, Researching about unbelievable things, etc.,

My Specialties
Languages Ruby, Python, Golang, Javascript.
Web Tech Ruby On Rails 3+, HTML5, HAML, CSS3, SASS, Jquery, Ajax
JS Framwork ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS
API Custom API, Grapes, API-Pie.
Source Code Git, Git-flow, Github, Bitbuket.
DBMS PostgreSql, MySql, SQlite, MongoDB.
BDD Rspec, Capybara
Web server Nginx, Webrick, Unicorn, Puma, Thin, Node.
Cloud Heroku, Amazon EC2, Bluehost, DigitalOcean.
Deployments Capistrano3, Docker, Jenkins, SemaphoreCI, Heroku
Omniauth Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin, Github, SSO.
Mobile Tech React Native.
CMS Rails admin, Active admin.
E-commerce Spree, ROR-E.com.
Rewards Codeschool profile for Hudson at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers